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9.37.0 Faculty

9.37.1 General Information

9.37.2 BA Major in Religious Studies

9.37.3 Honours Major in Religious Studies

9.37.4 Minor in Religious Studies


9.37.0 FACULTY

Leona Anderson, BA, BEd (Calgary), MA, PhD (McMaster), Professor and Head of Religious Studies

William Arnal, B.A. (Toronto), M.A. (Toronto), Ph.D. (Toronto), Associate Professor

Kevin Bond, BA, MA, PhD (McMaster), Assistant Professor

Benjamin Fiore, SJ, BA (LeMoyne College), MA (Fordham), STB (Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome), MA, MPhil, PhD (Yale), Professor of Religious Studies, Coordinator of Catholic Studies, and President, Campion College

F. Volker Greifenhagen, BA (Manitoba), MDiv (Graduate Theological Union, Saskatoon), PhD (Duke), Associate Professor and Assistant Dean, Luther College

Bryan Hillis, BA (Regina), MA (Oxon), PhD (Chicago), Professor and President, Luther College

Richard Hordern, BA (St. Olaf), MDiv, STM (Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon), MPhil, PhD (Union Theological Seminary, New York), Professor, Luther College

Darlene M. Juschka, BA (Waterloo), MA (Wilfrid Laurier), PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor

Jacoba Kuikman, BSc (Guelph), BEd (Toronto), MDiv (University of St. Michael’s, Toronto), PhD (TST, Toronto), Associate Professor, Campion College

Yuan Ren, BA, MA (Beijing), PhD (McMaster), Associate Professor Professors Emeriti

Dr. Roland Miller

Dr. Kang-nam Oh


Religious studies consists of a diversity of systematic inquiry into the timeless quest of human beings in the spiritual or transcendental realm as well as their attempts to understand and relate to it. The essential goal of courses in this domain is to offer the student the opportunity to examine critically the realm of the religious in its varied manifestations and to elucidate some of the perennial issues about life and human destiny. The courses are therefore not designed to foster personal religious commitment or to evaluate to that end the relative merits of various religious practices, traditions, and points of view.

Religious studies relate in many ways to all fields of human knowledge. As such, they are of relevance for all students, whether their major/minor fields of study or professional interests lie in fine arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, education, administration, social work, or engineering.

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