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9.41.0 Faculty

9.41.1 General Information

9.41.2 BA Major in Women’s and Gender Studies

9.41.3 Honours Major in Women's and Gender Studies

9.41.4 Minor in Women's and Gender Studies

9.41.5 Other Courses in Women's and Gender Studies

9.41.0 FACULTY

Brenda Anderson, BA, BA Hons, MA (Regina), Lecturer, Luther College

Darlene M. Juschka, BA (Waterloo), MA (Wilfrid Laurier), PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor

Wendee Kubik, BA, BA Hons, MA, PhD (Regina), Associate Professor and Coordinator of Women’s and Gender Studies

Patricia Miller-Schroeder, BSc, MA (Calgary), Instructor


Womens and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program that uses both Social Science and Humanities perspectives. It is an academic program that provides critical reading, writing and thinking skills in order to contribute to the development of Canadian society and the world at large. Drawing upon and contributing to methods, theories and data related to history, English, sociology, religious studies, philosophy of science, film theory, philosophy, justice studies and so forth, Womens and Gender Studies broadens knowledge and understanding of human social and cultural systems. In Womens and Gender Studies there is a critical engagement with gender, race, class, ethnicity and their interconnection with knowledge formation and power differentials. Those of us engaged in the teaching of Womens and Gender Studies are part of a larger community of feminist scholars, writers, artists, and activists within and outside of the university. In Womens and Gender Studies there is a commitment to provide transformative feminist frameworks for viewing and changing womens conditions and gender relations.

Womens and Gender Studies courses are open to all students in every faculty. Instructors in Womens and Gender Studies are specialists in various traditional disciplines whose research focuses on gender, race, and womens issues. The Womens and Gender Studies program thus draws upon a rich source of experience and expertise.

Students can establish an area of focus in the Womens and Gender Studies major and honours major programmes. Themes and Theorizing indicates a focus in feminist theories, and categories of analysis, while Health and Environment indicates a focus in womens issues related to health and the environment. Any student interested in Womens and Gender Studies is encouraged to contact the program coordinator.

Program outlines are available on the web. Select the Choosing a Program link on




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