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Go to UR Self-Service at to obtain the latest information on registration.

Students must ensure their campus, faculty, program(s), major(s), and minor(s) information is correct by reviewing their information on UR Self-Service.

Students may consult the appropriate section of the Undergraduate Calendar for detailed information on course and program requirements and other departmental, faculty and university regulations.

Students may consult the Class Schedule to obtain information on the restrictions and/or comments associated with the class schedule. Descriptions of courses offered by the University of Regina can be found in the Undergraduate Course Catalog and an explanation of the course numbering systems can be found in 20 of this Calendar. Note that:

  • Not all courses are offered each term (semester).
  • The Spring/Summer and Winter term (semester) Class Schedule is published on UR Self-Service ( approximately one month before the start of registration for that semester. The Fall term (semester) is available approximately six months prior to the start of the semester.
  • The Class Schedule is normally revised until the end of the first week of classes for a given term (semester) or session.

Some courses and/or sections will require Registration Permit Override(s) (see 3.2.2) prior to registration.

Students are encouraged to consult with an advisor prior to attempting registration. Students can prepare for an advising appointment by reviewing the requirements for their chosen academic program in the relevant faculty section of this Calendar and the course descriptions that appear to meet those requirements, making a list of those that most interest them.

When selecting courses, students must pay attention to the following:

  • Level of the course (often indicated by the first digit of the course number);
  • Required prerequisite or corequisite courses (see glossary);
  • Sequencing of courses in the programs (see the relevant degree program outline);
  • Required laboratory and seminar sections for some lecture courses;
  • Course and Class Schedule restrictions and comments;
  • The fit of the course within the degree program;
  • The class schedule (conflicts, the time needed to get to the next class);
  • Final examination schedule (conflicts, and how many exams in how many days);
  • Courses and classes requiring a Registration Permit-Override.

Online (self-service) registration may not prevent students from registering in courses for which they have not met the prerequisite(s) and/or that do not apply to their degree program.

Students can obtain assistance with course selection by making an appointment for academic advising. While faculty and advising staff will provide guidance, students are ultimately responsible for:

  • Program or degree selection;
  • Compliance with course and degree requirements;
  • Course selection;
  • Observance of policy, procedure, and deadlines;
  • Security of their academic record;
  • Registration.



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