The Chancellor and the Senate


The Chancellor is elected by the members of Convocation, holds office for three years, presides over Convocation, confers degrees and is ex officio Chair of the Senate and a member of the Board of Governors.


Senate, because of its broad public representation, has been described as the university's "window on the world". Its general area of concern is the academic welfare of the institution and, within this area, it has a variety of duties and powers. Most of the broader issues of academic policy within the university are reserved for its approval. In another role, it acts as an ultimate court in academic affairs. The membership of senate includes approximately 30 persons, ex officio, by virtue of their offices. Convocation elects another fourteen members of Convocation to the Senate. Students registered in the university elect six students of the university to Senate. In addition, any professional society, group or organization in the Province that, in the opinion of the Senate, contributes in a significant way to the social, economic and cultural welfare of the Province may be represented on Senate.