Obtaining a U of R Student Photo ID Card

Once you have received your Student ID number and have registered for classes, you can obtain your U of R Student Photo ID Card.

How to Request a New Student Photo ID Card

You can request your new Student ID card online with your UR Self-Service account. Once you are in your account go to: Student Services - Student Records - U of R Photo ID Card Request.

Before starting your request you will need your Digital Photo and a copy of valid government issued photo ID (see Digital Photo and Valid ID Specifications) ready for upload.

If you requested to pick-up your Photo ID card(s) a second email will be sent to your @uregina.ca email account to let you know when it is ready for pick-up. Please come to the Registrar’s Office, Second Floor Rm 210, Administration-Humanities building at the University of Regina.

Please ensure that your UR Self-Service mailing address is correct. If you requested your Photo ID card(s) to be mailed it will be sent to the most current address in our records. Your card will be mailed after you receive your approval email. Allow 2-3 weeks for your card to be mailed to you depending on your address.

If for any reason you cannot request using this format, you are welcome to come to the Registrar’s Office Service Centre (Administration Humanities Building on the second floor, Room 210) and our friendly staff can take your picture and print your card while you wait.

Eligibility for Regular Students

  • You must be registered in at least one course at the University for the current term
  • You must have a digital photo available to download when requesting your card online (see Digital Photo and Valid ID Specifications)
  • You must have valid government issued photo ID (see Digital Photo and Valid ID Specifications)

Faculty of Nursing Students

You will receive two cards. The first one will have your University of Regina information on one side and your Saskatchewan Polytechnic information on the other. The second card will be used when you are in your practice education setting during clinical courses and is required for entry into the setting and will only be printed on one side with a hole-punch and removable clip for attaching to your clothing. If you do not receive both cards, please let us know at registrar@uregina.ca or 306-585-4127 (extension “0”).

If you have already received your first card, but have just transferred to the Faculty of Nursing you need to go to the Registrar’s Office Store on the University of Regina website to request a replacement card. You will not be charged the $15 fee. While completing the form there is a question about transferring to a new faculty to which you should answer "yes". This will allow you to complete the request without being charged. The information is verified and we will use your current photo to produce and print your Faculty of Nursing photo ID cards.

To obtain and activate your U-Pass sticker, visit the University of Regina Student Union (URSU) desk. For more information about the U-Pass go to https://ursu.ca/

Language Instruction for Newcomers of Canada (LINC) Students

As LINC students, you are required to pay the $15 print fee to obtain a Student Photo ID card. You must make this payment through Registrar’s Office Store before your card will be printed.

The card will not include the U-Pass. If you wish to obtain a transit pass, visit the University of Regina Student Union (URSU) desk to learn about U-Pass alternatives. For more information about the U-Pass go to https://ursu.ca/

Visiting Scholar

Your U of R Student Photo ID card will be issued with an expiry date based on your acceptance, otherwise it will be the same as any other U of R Student Photo ID card. If your term is extended, please email registrar@uregina.ca and a card will be issued at no cost.