Other External Funding

The Office of Research Partnerships & Innovation is dedicated to providing timely information on alternative funding sources. We offer information on available alternative funding opportunities, funding alert notices, workshops, and other support programs to better assist our research community in securing funding for research projects and/or infrastructure.

What is an Alternative Funding Source?

An alternative or non-traditional funding source is defined as a non-Tri-Council (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) or government-funded research organization. Alternative sponsors may include, but are not limited to, private foundations and trusts, community and non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profit associations.

Why Apply?

We encourage our research community to support their research projects and/or programs using traditional and alternative sponsors.

For CIHR applicants, a significant part of the adjudication criteria for the Foundations Scheme is the principle applicant's demonstrated ability to secure funding from alternative sources so it is critical for health researchers to consider applying for alternative funding. Please contact the Health Research Funding Officer for more information.  

Find an Alternative Funding Source

We offer basic information on non-traditional funding sources in Canada and abroad, including private and community foundations, corporate giving programs, and other research-related sponsors.


Some alternative funding sources require research contracts versus grant applications. See Partner With Us for more information on research-related contracts.

Please contact the appropriate Research Funding Officer or Facilitator for your research area.