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Canadian Doctoral Nursing Network Conference

Canadian Doctoral Nursing Network Conference
10th Annual Conference

Navigating Through your PhD Journey

June 4, 5, and 6, 2024



The Canadian Doctoral Nursing Network Conference (CDNN) is only one of two conferences in Canada where Canadian and International nursing scholars engaged in doctoral work can come together to focus on their journey. The CDNN conference provides a safe place for doctoral students to “find their voice” and test out their ideas among their peers and with nursing faculty. Attendees are given the opportunity to present their research, engage in scholarly discussion and learn from each other and from faculty. There will also be three internationally recognized nurse researchers and scholars, as key note speakers to inspire and motivate attendees.

This conference is dedicated to bringing together many minds, unique in perspective but united in purpose to join together, to network and learn. To accomplish this, the conference is open to nurses and other disciplines engaged in doctoral studies at any stage in Canada and internationally. In the past we have had attendees from disciplines such as Nursing Education, Health Policy, Curriculum & Instruction, and Global Health. As well, attendees have come from all across Canada and internationally from United States of America, Iran and Australia to name a few.

This is a Remote Conference Hosted Online Through Zoom and Whova.

Keynote Speakers

  • Dr. Holly Graham, RN, BA, BScN, MN, PhD, R.D. Psychologist Indigenous Research Chair in Nursing, Associate Professor Psychiatry, University of Saskatchewan
  • Dr. Carmen Loiselle, RN, PhD, FCAHS, Professor, Ingram School of Nursing, McGill University
  • Dr. Sally Thorne PhD, RN, DSc (Hon ), FAAN, FCAHS, FCAN, CM, Professor Emeritus, UBC
  • Dr. Michael Joseph Dino, PhD, MAN, RN, LPT, FAAN, FFNMRCSI, ANEF Director for Research, Development, and Innovation Center, Our Lady of Fatima University

2024 Conference Details

Key Dates

  • Conference June 4, 5, & 6, 2024
  • Abstracts Due April 1, 2024
  • Financial Sponsorship Request due May 1, 2024

Goals of the Conference

  • Bring together doctoral students engaged in research for networking, scholarly discussions, and learning opportunities;
  • Provide doctoral students with the opportunity to submit an abstract and present their research; and
  • Provide support, encouragement, and mentoring of doctoral students.

Intended Audience

  • Students at any stage of their doctoral journey, from any discipline.
    • Example: an RN who is engaged in doctoral studies in education, nursing, rehabilitation sciences, etc
  • Open to Master's students interested in pursuing a doctoral program.


The keynote presentation inspired me to carry on my PhD journey.

2022 Conference Attendee


I appreciated being scheduled in with another student who had a similar topic - we were able to connect, so helpful.

2021 Conference Attendee


This was a fantastic experience! I hope to return again--it was inspiring and has given me a lot of great information and energy to continue on my PhD journey. Thank you!

2016 Conference Attendee


outstanding; a wealth of information; wish I had come to this conference earlier on in my doctoral journey; this presentation would have helped with literature reviews

2015 Conference Attendee

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