Julia Siemer

Associate Professor; BGISc program coordinator
Dr. rer. nat. (Potsdam)

Office: CL 329
E-mail: Julia.Siemer@uregina.ca
Phone: 306-585-4405

Current classes
Winter 2024 - GES 303; GES 307; GES 409

Research interests

  • Analysis and mapping of food accessibility
  • Population cartography
  • Thematic cartography
  • Visualization in geographic information systems

Dr. Siemer specializes in digital cartography and geographic information systems (GIS). Before joining the University of Regina, she has held positions as cartographer in publishing houses in Germany and Switzerland. She has taught undergraduate and graduate courses in cartography, GIS, and geography at University of Potsdam, University of Applied Sciences Berlin, Germany, and the University of Regina. Prior to accepting a position with the University of Regina she was the map editor and chief cartographer of the GIS-based Demographic Atlas of Albania. Her current research interests include cartographic visualization of population distribution, thematic mapping techniques, and analysis and mapping of food accessibility.