Dr. Yiyu Yao - 2014 Award for Excellence in Research

Yiyu Yao

Department of Computer Science professor Yiyu Yao stands out for his ability to maintain a strong and dynamic research program while continuing to be accessible to students and fellow academics.

Artificial intelligence is Yao’s primary research area. He focuses on mathematical models and theoretical foundations of intelligent information systems, with a particular interest in data processing and analysis. Described by many of his peers as a “pioneer” in an emerging field of computer science, Yao is known for the high quality of his research. His findings have spurred many researchers on to further study, and his plethora of publications is often cited by other scholars. He is one of four researchers who together proposed Web Intelligence and initiated the ACM/IEEE Web Intelligence Conference in 2001. Numerous workshops, edited books, and special issue journals have been devoted to his theories.

Yao’s research influence is felt by a wide scholarly community at the University of Regina and abroad. Internationally, he is well known as an innovative and distinguished voice in the scientific community, and he is the first University of Regina researcher to achieve an h-index — the international measure of scientific publication productivity and impact—of 61. This is an extraordinary accomplishment.

Since 2007, Yao has received many awards for his scholarly contributions, and he currently sits as a member of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Computer Science Evaluation Group for 2013-2015.
The Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Research focuses on the impact of the candidate’s research in his/her discipline, as well as on the public good.