Graduate Scholarships & Awards

President's Distinguished Graduate Student Award (Convocation Award - Fall)


The award recognizes outstanding academic performance in a graduate program.

Area(s) of Study: Unrestricted
Value: $1,300

Open to all graduate students at the Master's or Doctoral level who have a thesis or exhibition deemed meritorious by the Examining Committee and who apply for Fall Convocation and graduates of the previous Spring Convocation.


ALL nominations should be based on recognition of outstanding performance in the graduate program and should include information on the following:

  • Academic excelence;
  • Research ability;
  • Quality of the student’s thesis, exhibition or performance as indicated by the External Examiners Report;
  • Leadership and university/community involvement may also be considered


Please see Terms of Reference for full details.

Student Status: Full-time

Candidates are recommended to the FGSR Scholarhsip and Awards Committee by the academic areas.


1.  The Manager of Graduate Scholarships and Awards will compile a list of all those that were deemed meritorious and send to each Academic Unit’s Graduate Co-ordinator.  Each student’s supervisor will also receive notification that his/her student is eligible for the award.

2.  Each academic unit may nominate the most outstanding student in their program to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research Scholarship and Awards Committee, C/o Manager of Graduate Scholarships and Awards, Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research. Should the Academic Unit deem that no eligible student is meritorious of this award, the Academic Unit should inform the FGSR.

3.  The nomination package must be received in FGSR no later than September 10th or as established by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research of each year.

4.  The Manager of Graduate Scholarships and Awards will forward the following to the Scholarship and Awards Committee for its review:

  1. Nomination package
  2. External Examiner’s Report (Pre-Defense)
  3. Unofficial Transcript or Advising Report by Term


Each academic unit will forward the following information to the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research for consideration by the Scholarship and Awards Committee.

  • A letter from the Graduate Co-ordinator or designate detailing the rationale for the nomination (two page typed letter -11pt font size with ¾ inch margins on all sides, and on letterhead).  It is preferable that the nomination letter address each of the nomination criteria in a separate section of the letter. 
  • Summary and Lay-Person Abstract – A one-page document including lay-person abstract and summary to be completed and signed by the student.  The summary part of the document should highlight the key points outlined in the award requirements and the focus should be on activities undertaken during graduate years.
  • Additional letters or documents will not be considered.



 In making its determination the Scholarship and Awards Committee will take into consideration:


  • The Nomination Package, as outlined above
  • External Examiner’s Report (Pre-Defense)
  • Transcripts


The Scholarship and Awards Committee will recommend to the Dean’s Office, FGSR, which in turn will recommend to Executive of Council, the name of one individual to receive the Award at that year's Fall Convocation.  The recipient’s name is then reported to FGSR Faculty Council for information only.

Deadline: No student application; Nominations to be submitted by Grad Coordinator, deadline varies each year approximately end of August. Please contact for full details.