Scholarships & Awards

Applications for scholarships or awards MUST be submitted by the deadline specified and late applications will not be accepted. Only those applications that are complete as of the deadline will be considered in the competition. It is the student’s responsibility to begin the application process well in advance of any deadlines to ensure all scholarship requirements are fulfilled. Note: for a deadline that actually falls on the weekend, it will default to the end of work day the following Monday as per University policy.

Please note: The values for some scholarships and awards may increase as a result of the Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunities Scholarship Program.

The scholarships, fellowships and awards available to students undertaking graduate work at the University of Regina are listed in this page. Whenever possible, the scholarship's website has been linked so that students can access the information directly. Students are urged to independently search out scholarship and grant opportunities as there are many more available than are listed here.

The index identifies all awards offered in a particular academic subject area or category. Students are advised to consult both the section on the pertinent department or faculty and the Unrestricted section when seeking information on eligible awards.

Every effort has been made to provide accurate, up-to-date information at the time of posting. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of students to verify program deadlines and requirements. The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research cannot be held responsible for any unintentional errors or omissions, but will appreciate being informed of these, for correction purposes.

Students are advised to check the scholarship's website for the latest information and applications.