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FIRST LEGO League Provincial Tournament

Sat., Feb. 3, 2018 8:00 a.m. - Sat., Feb. 3, 2018 5:00 p.m.

Would you like to help students in Grades 4-8, have fun with LEGO and robotics while learning about computing, science, and technology?


Look no further than the FIRST LEGO League!


For a quick introduction to the FIRST LEGO League, please watch this (1m 09s):



In the FIRST LEGO League, these teams of students:

* create innovative solutions to challenges facing today’s scientists

* honour the spirit of friendly competition through sports-like events

* develop life skills including critical thinking, time management, and teamwork

* engage in their local and global community


The FIRST LEGO League (FLL) now each year engages over 200,000 students in more than 70 countries in a challenge that involves 3 parts: a robot game, a project, and core values / teamwork.


Please consider volunteering to help put on the Provincial Tournament at the University of Regina on February 3, 2018:



Here’s a rough schedule for the day:

* opening ceremony (before 9am)

* morning (started by 9am): judging for project, core values, and robot design

* noon: lunch

* afternoon: robot game (each team will have 3-4 official runs, done around 3pm)

* closing ceremony and awards presentation (done before 4pm)


Volunteers are still welcome and anyone 13 years of age or older can volunteer!


This will be the 2nd annual official tournament in Saskatchewan and the first time that Saskatchewan is eligible to send a team to the World Festival in Houston, Texas, USA in April, 2018.


Volunteers will get a T-Shirt to wear at the event, and lunch to eat.

There are 4 main areas where volunteers are required:

ROBOT GAME, JUDGING (Project, Robot Design, Core Values / Teamwork), PIT, and  MISCELLANEOUS.


*** To become a FIRST Volunteer: ***


Please go to:

If you don’t have an account, you can register for an account by clicking on “Register” in the top right corner of the screen at the previous link, or by visiting:

Once you have your account, from your dashboard select “Volunteer Registration” and you will have an option for: “Event Volunteering”.

The system should locate the Saskatchewan FLL Tournament for you.

Click “Volunteer” on the event listing. Information about volunteer roles is provided below. Although anyone 13 or older can volunteer, those 18 or older will need to go through FIRST’s Youth Protection Program, an online background check that is no charge to you.


Please share in your networks.


If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to:


*** FLL Tournament Volunteer Roles: ***


The following is a list of volunteer roles needed to successfully run the FIRST LEGO League Saskatchewan Provincial Championship.

The number in parentheses behind each role is the number of volunteers needed for that role. Also:

@  means that training is required for the role,

*  means that it is a lead role for its area, and #  means that the role does not take much time so one might volunteer for more than one of these



- Field Manager (1, @*): oversees the field; go-to person and

                troubleshooter for field volunteers

- Production Manager (1, *): produces the opening and closing

                ceremonies for the tournament

- Referee (4,@): officiates the Robot Game

- Emcee/Game Announcer (1,@): voice of the event; play-by-play announcer

                for the Robot Game

- Field Resetter (4,#): re-sets Robot Game table between matches

- Video Camera Operator (2): works a video camera at the Robot Game table

                to allow for the audience to view the Robot Game

- Score Keeper (1,#): enters data from score sheets into scoring display

                software for Robot Game

- Timer (1,#): keeps track of the time during and between Robot Game


- Head Queuer (1): manages team traffic to and from the Robot Game

                playing field; in charge of queuing

- AV Operator / DJ: (1): operates AV (slide shows, video, music) for the

                Robot Game competition



- Judge (6,@): evaluates teams; 2 judges per area (Project, Robot Design,

                Core Values / Teamwork)

- Judge Assistant (1): assists judges with tasks including time-keeping,

                score running, and judging sheet organization

- Judging Queuer (3,#): escorts teams to and from each judging session



- Pit Manager (1,*): provides information to the pit

- Practice Table Assistant (1): oversees practice table and ensures that

                the rules for table use are followed



- Load-in/Load-out (7,#): assists with the set-up at the very start of

                the event & tear-down at the very end of the event

- Check-in (4,#): checks in and greets the volunteers and/or teams;

                also provides information about the event

- Information (1): staffs an information desk to answer questions

- Traffic Control/Guard (2):directs traffic and limits access to

                team-only and volunteer-only areas

- Photographer (1): documents the event and the people in attendance:

                teams, volunteers, special guests, and spectators

- Floater (1): willing to fill in whenever and wherever needed;

                a versatile and flexible volunteer