September 15, 2005

The following is general information surrounding standard luggage insurance for University business travel activity. If additional coverage is required up and above what is provided by the standard coverage, it is the traveller responsibility to determine what will be required and to secure the premium cost for the additional coverage.

Please note that this information may change without notice by the various insurance brokers and airlines, so it is important to request information prior to travel if there are concerns surrounding your travel belongings. It is the traveller's responsibility to ensure adequate luggage insurance coverage is provided, and to understand what items are, and are not, covered under the various insurance plans.

Air Canada Policy

WestJet Policy

Delta (Delta and Northwest Airlines have now joined forces)

For luggage insurance information from other airlines not listed above, please visit their appropriate websites.

BMO Mastercard Travel Card

Luggage Insurance may also be available by way of an Insurance Broker and/or Credit Card, and it would be the responsibility of the traveller to determine what coverage is provided, and if the coverage is adequate for their travel belongings during their business travel. In some cases the insurance provided by the insurance brokers and/or credit card (such as personal gold or higher) are over and above what a traveller recovers from the airline.

If a trip is charged to the University's BMO Mastercard Procurement Card, $500 of lost luggage insurance is provided from the University's self-insurance fund.

Marlin Travel and Supply Management Services would be more than happy to help University travellers in providing information and direction as it relates to this type of insurance, you need only to ask.
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