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The University's 2022-23 Annual Report is now available

September 8, 2023

You can find this on our Financial Statements page.


Electronic Document Submission

June 21, 2021

With faculty, staff, and students gradually returning to campus over the past months, many have been asking if Financial Services will continue to accept the submission of electronic documents.

The good news is yes! Claims for reimbursement, Pcard statements and receipts, and payables invoices will all continue to be accepted electronically and is in fact now the preferred method going forward.

Since everyone has now had a number of months experience in working with and receiving electronic documents and much has been learned and discovered over that time, we have come up with a few guidelines in addition to those developed when the pandemic first began to help make the processes faster and more streamlined. The updated requirements can be found here UR Source site (log-in required).


Important Dates - We have posted Fiscal 2025 Month End Close Dates in URSource

JuLy 2, 2024

UR Source site (log-in required).


For new cheque/direct-deposit deadline information:

See the Accounts Payable page (UR Source log-in required).


For Faculty and Staff

For all pages previously under the "For Employees" section, and for forms used by faculty and staff, please see the Financial Services UR Source site (log-in required).


2024 Fall Fee Schedules

July 2, 2024


2024 Spring/Summer Fee Schedules

February 15, 2024


2024 Winter Fee Schedules

September 27, 2023


2023 Fall Fee Schedules

May 15, 2023


2023 Spring/Summer Fee Schedules

March 2, 2023


2023 Winter Fee Schedules

September 27, 2022


You can find past fee schedules on the fee schedule page


T2202's now available online

February 28, 2023

The T2202's for 2021 are available on UR Self-Service and the T4A's have been mailed out.  For more information about T4A and T2202's and instructions on how to print the forms, please see our Student Income Tax page.