Canada Foundation for Innovation

John R. Evans Leadership Fund (CFI JELF)

The CFI JELF awards offer the opportunity to acquire infrastructure to undertake cutting-edge research. Internal Letters of Intent (LOI) will be considered for the U of R's remaining 2020-2023 allocation to JELF program. A sub-committee of the Council Committee on Research selects the projects that are submitted to the CFI for funding consideration. There is a limited number of projects that can move forward.

Deadline: March 3, 2021 for internal LOIs with a full submission to CFI due October 2021 and results expected in March 2022.

Eligible researchers: Recognized leaders or those with demonstrated potential for excellence. Current faculty members with full-time academic appointments are eligible. Applications are encouraged to have more than one user.

Eligible projects: Involve the acquisition or development of research infrastructure to increase research capacity, allowing for the pursuit of Innovative and feasible research activities that meet international standards. It can include the acquisition of "workhorses", upgrading or replacement of aging infrastructure, construction or renovation to space essential to house the infrastructure.

Strategic Fit: Priority will be given to applications of strategic importance and an institutional priority for the U of R.

Value: Proposals requesting less than $75,000 are allowed from the social sciences, humanities and arts. Other research areas must request more than $75,000 from CFI. The U of R has an available institutional allocation of $565,000, which represents up to 40% of total project costs. Cash and/or in-kind contributions are necessary to meet the remaining 60% of the total project costs. Innovation SK often matches CFI funding dollar-for-dollar. Cash and/or in-kind contributions are necessary to meet the remaining 20% of the total project costs.

Further information:
CFI John R. Evans Leaders Fund:
CFI JELF Internal LOI 2021 guidelines (548 KB) Funded Research Approval Form
CFI JELF internal LOI 2021 application form  (382 KB) President's Publication Fund Guidelines and Application Form

If you are interested in developing a proposal, contact Michelle Beitel at

- Your Faculty well in advance of preparing your proposal to ensure adequate space and resources are available to support your application. Faculties are asked to prioritize submissions from their area and may have an internal timelines for this consideration.

- Michelle Beitel at in the Research Office by February 24 for budget review and with any questions.  Note:  She is away Feb 16-19.