Dr. Cory Butz - 2014 Award for Excellence in Teaching

Cory Butz

Widely noted amongst his students as an accessible and engaging teacher, Cory Butz works to provide an inspiring learning environment for everyone in his class, demonstrating his skill as a dynamic and flexible instructor.

Since 1997, Butz’s teaching evaluation scores for the quality of his instruction have been high, and evaluation feedback demonstrates that students enjoy his teaching. In 2009, Butz was selected by the head of the Department of Computer Science to revamp Computer Science 110, one of the Department’s flagship courses. This newly designed course, consisting of 30 sections rather than the usual three, required a fresh textbook, redesigned labs, and new assignments. Butz not only redesigned the course, but he also drew in faculty members from the Biology, Chemistry and Geology departments, obtaining real-world scientific data that could be used in the course. In so doing, he was able to demonstrate to students how computer programming techniques can be applied to all scientific disciplines.

As Butz’s teaching philosophy reflects, student participation is an important element in his classes. One of the promises that Butz makes to his students is, “If you want to learn, this is your class. If you come to my office, I don’t care if I have to repeat something 20 different times in 20 different ways. You will not leave my office until you understand.” This commitment to ensuring that students understand, coupled with an insistence that they ask questions in class, makes Butz’s courses rich learning opportunities.

The University of Regina Alumni Association Award for Excellence in Teaching recognizes sustained excellence in leadership and innovation for undergraduate teaching and learning at the University of Regina.