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The Department of Geology offers the following academic programs:


Composition, structure and natural processes of the earth and other planets; mineralogy and petrology (e.g., igneous rocks); the geological history of Earth; the evolution of life; the characteristics and habitats of fossil animals and plants; understanding past and present major geological global events (e.g., tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes); analysis of sedimentary deposits and geologic time; exploration and extraction of natural resources (e.g., ground water, petroleum & metals); environmental contamination and clean up; fundamental scientific concepts; fieldwork techniques and geologic mapping. 


Interpret data about the earth; describe earth materials in thin section, hand specimen, outcrop and core; analyze complex geological and environmental problems (e.g., subsurface geology, climate change); apply fundamental scientific concepts; identify the location of natural resources (e.g., petroleum); conduct scientific field and lab research; construct models of geologic events and processes; produce detailed geological maps, cross-sections and reports; think analytically and work independent

Sample Courses
Environmental Geology, Internal Processes of the Earth, Mineralogy, Paleontology, Earth System History.

Examples of Career Fields and Occupations

  • Cartographer
  • Economic Geologist
  • Environmental Consultant
  • Environmental Law
  • Exploration Geologist
  • Field Geologist (e.g., mining, petroleum, water resources)
  • Geochemist
  • Geological Consultant
  • Geological Technician
  • Geophysical Technologist
  • Geophysicist
  • Glacial Geologist
  • Hydrogeologist
  • Hydrologist
  • Metallurgist
  • Mineralogist
  • Museum Curator
  • Parks & Natural Resources
  • Palaeontologist
  • Petroleum Geologist
  • Petrologist
  • Pollution Control
  • Pollution Remediation
  • Prospector
  • Resource Analyst (e.g., oil, ore, water)
  • Researcher
  • Resource Analyst
  • Sedimentologist
  • Seismologists
  • Structural Geologist
  • Teacher
  • Technical Writer
  • Volcanologist
  • Waste Management

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