Discovery Grants

The internal deadline to submit NSERC Discovery Grant applications to the Research Office is October 15. Research Funding Officers are available to review proposals at any stage of the application process.

Please check with your Faculty as they may have an earlier deadline to allow for review and approval by the Dean or Associate Dean of Research.

Please submit the NSERC signature page (page 1 of Form 101) attached to one copy of the completed, double-sided application. It is the applicant's responsibility to collect the signatures of their Head of Department and Dean (or Associate Dean).

The Research Office will collect the signature for the "President of Institution (or representative)".

If you would like to request a formal workshop, or a one-on-one meeting with a Research Funding Officer, please contact the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Facilitator. Please note that NSERC representatives will no longer attend such events. 

Resources for Discovery Grant Applicants

For more information, please contact the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Facilitator.