Alliance Grants

This new research partnerships program consolidated NSERC’s Engage Grants (including Engage Plus Grants), Industrial Research Chairs, Connect Grants, Strategic Partnership Grants for Networks and Projects, Experience Awards, and the existing Collaborative Research and Development Grants into a single grant program:

  • To accommodate a broader range of partner organizations (public & private) and the non-profit sector.
  • Train new researchers in areas that are important to Canada and to the partner organizations, while creating economic, social and/or environmental benefits
  • Projects are categorized into Small ($20,000-$30,000), Medium ($30,000-$300,000) OR Large ($300,000-$1M) grant values.

Large organizations will have 500 or more employees globally, while small organizations are of less than 500 employees globally

Value & Duration Deadlines
Option 1

Participation of Large or Small organizations: No limits to application per year

  • Researcher (s) collaborating with one or more large organization(s), NSERC provides 1:1 leverage.
  • Researcher(s) collaborating with a small organization as a sole partner OR with small organization in partnership with large/other sectors, NSERC provides 2:1 leverage.

$20,000 -$1M
per year

1 – 5 years
Option 2

Participation of all partner sizes (multi-sectoral partnership, must include 1 eligible partner for cost sharing): Max. of 2 applications/year (as an applicant and Co-applicant); Max. of 2 applications/year from partner organization(s)

  • Researcher (s) collaborating with exclusively not – for- profit and public partner organizations, NSERC provides 100% funding.
  • Researcher (s) collaborating with any private-sector as partner organization, NSERC provides 90% funding; 10% from organization(s).

$20,000 -
$200,000 per year

1 – 5 years


Please allow the Research Office two weeks to review application(s) before final submission to NSERC. Research Funding Officers are available to review proposals at any stage of the application process.

Please check with your Faculty as there may be an earlier deadline to allow for review and approval by your Dean or Associate Dean.

It is the applicant's responsibility to complete the Funded Research Approval Form (192 KB) and collect the signatures of his/her Head of Department and Dean (or Associate Dean).

The Research Office will collect the signature for the "President of Institution (or representative)".

Resources for Alliance Grant Applicants

  • Alliance Grants - this page includes links to the program information and resources such as instructions for completing Form 100A, 101, partner organization form etc.)