Bachelor of Kinesiology

The Bachelor of Kinesiology consists of 120 credit hours of study (or 7 full-time semesters of 5 classes each plus one semester of Fieldwork) in one of the following majors:

Human Kinetics (HK)

The Human Kinetics major will prepare you to work in the areas of physical fitness appraisal, exercise rehabilitation, counselling, exercise leadership, lifestyle management, health promotion and wellness. You will focus on both individual and community based programming; incorporating a strong understanding of physiology, biomechanics and movement behaviour. All students will learn about disability and the relationship to physical activity, assessment and rehabilitation.

Health Promotion (HP)

Health Promotion focuses on 'preventative health' strategies. From a solid foundation in movement science, you will learn how to assess, develop and implement programs that are designed to attain specific health outcomes.

Gerontology (GERO)

Gerontology is the study of social, psychological, and biological aspects of aging.  This major takes an 'active health' approach to anticipating the needs of an aging population.

Core Requirements

The core requirements consist of Social Psychology of Physical Activity, Growth and Development, Sociology of Physical Activity and Sport, Leadership, Motor Learning, Human Anatomy, Lifestyle and Health, Adapted Physical Activity and Recreation, Human Physiology, Biomechanics, Research Methods and Applied Philosophy in Kinesiology and Health.

Regardless of your major, you will spend one semester completing Fieldwork. This gives you the opportunity to apply what you have learned in your program, as well as learn through your experiences with practising professionals.

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