Undergrad Program

Message from the Associate Dean (Undergraduate) - Dr. Harold Riemer, PhD

Harold Riemer

Welcome to the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies!  These are exciting times for current and future students of our Faculty has recently launched our revised program offerings.

Our flagship degree, the Bachelor of Kinesiology (B.Kin), serves our students and the professional community well. Students often come to us because they are interested in sport, recreation, fitness, exercise, health and wellness, and/or people with disabilities. Graduates of this degree program are working in areas of adaptive physical activity services, education, social and physical rehabilitation, fitness training services, health promotion, and gerontology. The B.Kin also serves as an excellent preparatory degree for those interested in pursing post-graduate degree in the health professions (e.g., traditional and alternative medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, etc.). You will find our graduates making important contributions right across the country and around the world.

B.Kin students may major in Human Kinetics, Gerontology, Health Promotion, or Adapted Exercise Science and the Faculty is currently pursing acceditation with CCUPEKA for this degree.

The Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Studies (B.SRS) where students major in either Sport & Recreation Management or Therapeutic Recreation prepares students of other exciting careers. Therapeutic Recreation students are eligible to pursue professional certification with the NCTRC, while the Faculty is beginning the process of accediting the Sport & Recreation Management major with COSMA.

The group of students have just been admitted into the newly approved Joint Degrees program with the Faculty of Education. In 150 credit hours (5 years) students will be able to complete a B.KIN (major in Physical Literacy) and a B.Ed (major in Physical Education). This program is one of the first of its kinds in western Canada and will provide an excellent preparation for those interested in teach and community development through physical activity.

Finally, our well-respected Fieldwork program continues to play and important role in the renewed curriculum. This unique aspect of our degrees provides an opportunity for students to apply what they have learned and to gain valuable experience prior to entering the job market.

You should also be aware that the Faculty of Kinesiology has a commitment to the innovative delivery of its programming (this includes short and long term international experiences, distance delivery, recognition of prior learning, transfer agreements with other institutions, enhanced student mobility). Our focus is always on providing a better educational experience, enhanced career opportunities, and greater flexibility for our students. 

I have had the opportunity to study, work at, and visit universities across Canada and around the world. Our current complement of faculty members rival those at any institution and our renewed programs will continue to make us leaders in our various fields. This is a great place to learn and prepare for your future.