Kyuhoon Cho

PhD (University of Ottawa)

Phone: 306-585-4233

Research interests

  • Asian Religions
  • Globalization, Religion, and the Secular
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Religious Diversity and Popular Culture

Kyuhoon Cho specializes in Asian religions with a primary interest in the role of religion in globalized East Asia. His current research focuses on the location of religion in Korean modernity and the trans-regionalization of Asian religious traditions. From a global comparative perspective, he explores ways in which the interactions between religious traditions and secular cultures construct identity, reformulate power relations and maintain transnational religious connections in Asia and beyond. Prior to joining the University of Regina, he taught at universities in Singapore and Korea for 7 years. Though being an East Asian religion specialist, he is deeply interested in religious phenomena in Southeast Asia, South Asia, and Central Asia.

Selected publications

Forthcoming  “Muslims in Contemporary South Korea: Islamic Religion and the Cultural Politics of Ethnicity” in Yuka Kobayashi ed. Muslim Minorities in East Asia: Accommodation and Contestation in the Lived Experience of East Asian Muslims (Amsterdam University Press). 

2019   “Beyond Contemporary West-Centric Globalization: Religious Traditions and Multiple Globalizations in Asia”, Studies in Religion 79(3) [Chonggyo yŏn’gu]. 

2019   “Religion and Globalization: The Formation, Disjuncture and Expansion of the Modern Religious System”, Studies in Religion 79(1) [Chonggyo yŏn’gu]. 

2018   “Science, State, and Spirituality: Stories of Four Creationists in South Korea,” (with Hyung Wook Park), History of Science 56(1). 

2017   “Religion and Media: No Longer A Blindspot in Korean Academia,” (with Jin Kyu Park and Sam Han), “Religion and Media in Korea,” Journal of Korean Religions 8(2). 

2017   “Religion in the Press: The Construction of Religion in the Korean News Media,” Journal of Korean Religions 8(2). 

2016   “Religion and the Sustainable Modern: The Crisis of Modern Secularity and the Emergence of Contextual Transcendence,” Studies in Religion 76(3) [Chonggyo yŏn’gu]. 

2016   “Protestantism, Education and the Nation: The Shifting Location of Protestant Schools in Modern Korea,” Acta Koreana 19(1). 

2014   “Another Christian Right? The Politicization of Korean Protestantism in

Contemporary Global Society,” Social Compass 61(3). 

2014   “Niklas Luhmann’s Theory on Religion: Religion as Autopoietic Communication System in Global Society,” The Critical Review of Religion and Culture [Chonggyo munhwa pip’yŏng] 26 (September). 

2009   “Concept of Religion in South Korean Legal System from a Global Perspective,” Journal of Religion and Culture [Chonggyo munhwa yŏngu] 12 (June).