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Welcome. There is room. There is space.

 The ta-tawâw Student Centre is a respectful and welcoming place that encourages student empowerment, identity, community connection and Indigenous ways of learning.  This space is a central hub for all students on campus, and a place to gather with others including Knowledge Keepers, alumni, faculty, staff and community members, creating a sense of belonging in the larger university environment.

The ta-tawâw Student Centre's main focus is on assisting Indigenous Students' (First Nations, Inuit and Metis Students):

  • Successful transition into University
  • Retention at the post-secondary level
  • Engagement in University events and activities
  • Successful completion of University
  • Transition into the workforce

The Centre’s focus is to support students, and with the involvement of the larger campus community, create opportunities for intercultural and intergenerational exchange which strengthens our campus community,  and expands our potential for continual learning.


From Cultural Creativity teachings and projects to the annual Glen Anaquod Memorial Tipi Raising Competition, ta-tawâw Student Centre events provide a fun, friendly, and engaging environment for hands-on learning about Indigenous culture and values.

nitôncipâmin omâ Student Success Program (OMA Program)

The OMA Program is designed to provide you with the most supportive learning environment as a first-year Indigenous student.

The ta-tawâw Student Centre acknowledges that all our students are leaders and within this program we cultivate your leadership skills and assist you in becoming academic leaders on our campus by providing you with the tools you need to navigate your academic path successfully.

Both students and staff are welcomed to apply!

Neekaneewak (“they are leading”) Leadership Initiative (NLI)

The Neekaneewak Leadership Initiative is an Elder based leadership program that enhances cultural awareness and develop leadership skills in student participants through traditional and current ‘ways of knowing.’
Mission Statement
The ta-tawâw Student Centre strives to Encourage, Empower, and Educate by assisting Indigenous students to strengthen and realize their potential.
Meet the Knowledge Keepers

The ta-tawâw Student Centre has a resident kokum (grandmother) and Knowledge Keeper whose roles include providing: cultural insights, traditional teachings, ceremonial guidance, and personal consultation to students. The Centre also engages with community Knowledge Keepers and elders (kêhtê-ayak) from various Indigenous backgrounds to provide students with ceremonial and traditional teachings. We encourage students to visit the Centre and engage in the teachings that we offer.

Brenda Dubois

Brenda Dubois is a mother and grandmother (kokum), from Muscowpetung First Nation. She has worked extensively in the areas of child welfare, human justice and environmental issues. She is an advocate for education and vulnerable peoples. Brenda believes that practicing the cultural traditions is important for the students to evolve in their learning. She has contributed to many community building initiatives and is a highly respected voice in the community.

Preston Littletent

Knowledge Keeper for the ta-tawâw Student Centre.

Self Declaration of Indigenous Status

In partnership with the U of R Registrar's and Admissions Offices, the ta-tawâw Student Centre is providing all Indigenous students the opportunity to declare their Indigenous status which will benefit you and the University in the following ways:

  • Support your fellow Indigenous students by self-declaring so the ta-tawâw Student Centre and the U of R can help determine service needs based on accurate information on the number of Indigenous students enrolled.
  • Support the ta-tawâw Student Centre goals in providing culturally appropriate support, a service facility and a gathering place for Indigenous students.
  • Eligible to access a wide range of supports and services offered by the ta-tawâw Student Centre , including scholarships and bursaries available not only at the University, but within the community.

Students who would like to declare their Indigenous status are encouraged to do so by:

  1. Log into UR Self Service then following the directions to enter your 9-digit student number and password.
  2. Clicking on the Personal Information Menu, then Update Canadian Indigenous/Aboriginal Status.
  3. Updating status by choosing Status Indian, Metis, Inuit or Non-status Indian.
  4. Logging out of UR Self Service.
Funding Your Education
In partnership with Student Awards and Financial Aid, Financial Services, and the Indigenous Career Education Centre, the ta-tawâw Student Centre hosts workshops and information sessions that encourage students to understand and pursue their options for financial support. Please check our events calendar for upcoming sessions.
Connecting with Your Community

Whether you are new to campus, to Regina, or have been here for a while, the ta-tawâw Student Centre is a great place to connect with other students, faculty and staff, and community members! Everyone is welcome in the centre, and we look forward to getting to know you!

There are also many other service organizations and clubs, on campus and in the larger community that are here to support you. Here are a number of useful links to help you get connected!

  • URSU - Universtiy of Regina Student Union
  • 211 Saskatchewan - supported through United Way, a comprehensive database of service organizations in Regina and surrounding area

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