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Diwali 2014

Welcome to UR International!

We specialize in everything international. URI provides tailored assistance for international students here on campus, and domestic students looking for an adventure abroad, from beginning to end.

We also support faculty members, staff and the community with many internationalization initiatives.

The URI team is dedicated to working with you to enrich international engagement and promote the vibrant growth of the U of R here at home and around the world.

UR International Winter 2015 Orientation

Orientation is a great way to get to know the U of R and new fellow international students. Register for International Winter 2015 Orientation to learn how to survive your first year as a new international student at the U of R!

Undergraduate and Graduate students are both welcome!

For more information, please visit: http://www.uregina.ca/international/gobal-learning-centre/orientation.html

Important Notice

Now, to apply for a study permit after June 1, 2014, you need to include the Designated Learning Institution number (DLI #) of the University of Regina. The University of Regina Designated Learning Institution number (DLI #) is O19425660270. This number is beginning with the letter “O”.

Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) has published new immigration rules for international students. New rules are now in effect (as of June 1, 2014). CIC has released detailed information about the new rules and changes. We strongly encourage you to visit the following CIC website to read through these changes:


For a summary of these changes on CIC's website, please click on the link below:


Global Learning Centre

For a general schedule of one-on-one coaching sessions and other services for the Fall 2014 semester, please click the link below.

Global Learning Centre- Fall 2014 

Note: times are subject to change due to other events. Please explore the "Upcoming Events" box on the right for a schedule for all events.