Health, Safety and Wellness


Our team continues to be committed to the safety and mental wellness of our faculty, staff, and students and will remain our top priority.   Our COVID-19 Resources page provides information on illness reporting for faculty, staff, and students, Rapid Antigent test kits, as well as the COVID-19 Illness Flowchart for assistance if you are experiencing symptoms on and off campus.

Our Healthy Workplace Advisor provides assistance in a number of areas such as medical leaves and accommodations, healthy lifestyle initiatives, and ergonomic assessments for work stations.

Online safety training is available in our Safety Training section.  Please refer to each online course that requires a hands-on workshop for more information.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (306) 337-2370 or email us at


Darren Cherwaty Director 306-585-4776
Arden Geiger Administrative Assistant 306-337-2370
Douglas Schmidt
Health, Safety & Emergency Management Advisor
Kelsey Malakoff Healthy Workplace Advisor 306-337-3269
Shaun Dovell Industrial Safety Advisor 306-337-2626
Laura Sanftleben Biological Safety Advisor 306-585-5198
Sarah Wilke Chemical & Lab Safety/Radiation Safety Advisor 306-337-3184
Tianna Young On Leave
Ryan King On Leave