Certificate Program

Indigenous Language Guardianship

The Certificate of Indigenous Language Guardianship is a 10-course program of study for those wishing to become community language warriors in the efforts towards Indigenous language revitalization.

This certificate can provide an alternative to the Certificate of Indigenous Language II by adding more detailed focus on working with language data and producing language learning materials.

Languages of specialization currently available include, but are not limited to, Cree, Saulteaux (Ojibwe), Dene, Dakota and Nakota. This certificate can also serve as a secondary building block towards more advanced study, such as (for Cree and Saulteaux) a full Arts degree program. It is also a companion to the First Nations Language Instructors Certificate and other programs in language instruction offered through Indigenous Education at First Nations University of Canada.

*Note: all program courses specific to individual Indigenous languages must be completed in the same language.

Quick Facts

Program: Certificate of Indigenous Language Guardianship
Length: 1-2 years
Offered Through: First Nations University of Canada
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