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Bachelor's and After Degree Programs

Indigenous Teacher Education

Programs in Indigenous Teacher Education, offered through First Nations University of Canada, incorporate Indigenous worldview, content, perspectives, and Indigenous ways of knowing and learning.  

Graduates have experience with developing culturally relevant pedagogies and are knowledgeable about First Nations cultures, values, traditions, and languages.

 The degree is approved by the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Professional Regulatory Board as meeting the requirements for Teacher Certification in the province of Saskatchewan.


The program supports Indigenous communities in ensuring the success of Indigenous learners. All courses are designed to include Indigenous knowledge processes and work with Elders. Students from western Canada and beyond take part in the programs. Community-based programming is integral our programs.

In School Experience

Students are in field every semester of the program. Depending on the year of study. placements vary in length from one day, to one week, 2-week, 3-week and finally a 16-week internship. They are placed in provincial, urban, rural schools, and First Nation controlled schools.

Sample Courses

  • EIND 116 Indigenous Educational Professional Studies

  • EIND 305 Curriculum and Instruction Adaptation for Indigenous Education

  • ELBP: Land-Based Education

Career Opportunities

Students are certified to teach at the elementary and secondary levels. Many are considered for administrative positions. Graduates have career opportunities across Canada.

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Quick Facts

Program: Bachelor of Indigenous Education (BEd) Elementary Education Bachelor of Indigenous Education (BEd) Secondary Education: Secondary First Nations Language Minor, and Visual Arts Major Bachelor of Indigenous Education After Degree (BEAD) Elementary Bachelor of Indigenous Education After Degree (BEAD) Secondary
Length: BEd: 4 years BEAD: 2 years Programs may be completed on a part time or full time basis
Offered Through: University of Regina First Nations University of Canada
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