Diploma Program

String Performance Post-Baccalaureate

This diploma will enable students not employed as a professional musician in an orchestra to gain a diploma in string performance in one year. This program will help bridge the gap from student to professional. The one-year diploma will focus on the string quartet, performance practices, repertoire, and private lessons

How does this program compare to similar provincial or national programs?

This program is unique in the province. There are a couple of residency-based programs in Canada (Laurentian and University of Victoria) but these programs have no lessons attached. This program is unique in that the "target" students are those transitioning from an undergraduate degree to graduate school or transitioning into the profession (few students can transition directly from an undergraduate degree to placement in a professional orchestra).

Expected benefits of the program for students

Students will have the opportunity to take a leading role in the University of Regina Orchestra, play with the RSO, come in contact with international directors, and play as part of a string quartet across Saskatchewan.

Admission Requirements

Students must hold a Bachelor’s degree and complete a successful audition. Typically, students applying for admission to this program will hold a Bachelor of Music Degree in string performance. However, other credentials and experience may be considered.

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Quick Facts

Program: Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in String Performance
Length: 2 years
Offered Through: University of Regina Campion College First Nations University of Canada Luther College
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