Faculty of Nursing

Application Information +

Students interested in applying to the Faculty of Nursing SCBScN apply directly to Saskatchewan Polytechnic. Please visit for details on applications and early conditional admission, including approved courses.

Early Conditional Admission Requirements +

If you are currently in high school, we can admit you based on Early Conditional Admission Requirements. The admissions team looks at your submitted transcript to see if you have the required classes and averages below, based on your faculty of interest. 

Students applying to Business Administration, Engineering and Applied Science, Kinesiology and
Health Studies, Nursing* and Science require a 70% average using the five courses below.
1. One English Language Arts or Français Language Arts Course (30S- or 40S-level)
2. One Math Course from Category A (30S- or 40S-level)
3. One Category A Course (30S- or 40S-level)
4. One Category B Course (30S- or 40S-level)
5. One Additional Course from Category A, B, or C* (30S- or 40S-level)

Category A

(Maths & Sciences)

Category B

(Languages & Social Sciences)

Category C

(Other Approved Courses)

Applied Math
Advanced Math 1 & 2
Essential Math**
Interdisciplinary Science
Intro to Calculus & Advanced Math 1
Pre-Calculus Math
American Sign Language
Canadian Law
Chinese (Mandarin)
Current Topics in First Nations, Métis, & Innuit Studies
Economic Principles
ELA (Comprehensive Focus)
ELA (Literary Focus)
ELA (Transactional Focus)
French (Comm. & Culture, Intensive, or IB/AP)
Geography: World Human/Physical
History of Canada
History: American
History: Western Civilization
World of Religions
Accounting Essentials or Systems
Dramatic Arts
Visual Arts


A maximum of two different Math courses can be used (ex: Applied Math and Pre-Calc Math).
Requirements 3, 4, and 5 must be met by different subjects (ex: French 30 and French 40 cannot both be used).
*Nursing does not allow any Category C courses to be used in the average calculation.

**Math courses marked ** cannot be used as the Math course requirement (2.) for Business, Engineering, Kinesiology, Nursing, or Science, but can be used as an additional course (5.). 
***Any grade 11- or 12-level language course may also be used as a Category B course.



Final Admission Requirements +

  • English Language Arts 40S
  • Applied Math 40S, Pre-Calculus 40S, or Calculus 45S
  • Chemistry 40S
  • Biology 40S
  • One course from Category A (Maths & Sciences) or Category B (Languages & Social Sciences)

High school diploma with five academic courses at the 40 level required.

Additional Information +

A minimum of 70% required in each prerequisite course. 

Competitive entry program

Application and Document Deadlines +

Application deadline: February 15

Final official transcript deadline: March 15

Note: The Bilingual Program Option has extended the application deadline for Fall 2022 to May 1, 2022, and the offiicial transcript deadline to May 15, 2022.