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Home-Based Learner

Application Information

What is a home-based learner?
You are a home-based learner if you have received your high school education through at-home schooling. The University of Regina offers home-based learners the following admission options:
A) A home-based learner may be admitted directly to the faculty if they obtain Adult 12 Standing through Saskatchewan Education. Such students must meet the regular admission requirement for their faculty of choice.
B) A home-based learner may be admitted to the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Media, Art, and Performance, Faculty of Social Work or the Centre for Continuing Education.
C) A home-based learner, age 18 or older, may be admitted as a casual student through the Centre for Continuing Education. Casual students may take only one or two courses per semester, to a maximum of 24 credit hours.
D) Home-based learners who are interested in competitive-entry programs such as education or nursing, or other faculties not listed above may be considered on a case-by-case basis and should inquire with Enrolment Services at 306-585-4591 or

What are the Admission Requirements?
You will be considered for admission upon submission of the following required documents:
  1. A completed “Admission Profile for Home-Based Learners”
  2. A completed “Application for Undergraduate Admission” form and application fee
  3. A Home-Based Learner Transcript (can be created by the main educator)
  4. An official transcript of either an SAT I with a minimum score of 1100 on the Critical Reading and Math portions), or an ACT with a minimum score of 24; and
  5. One of the following standardized test results:
    • A university course in a relevant admission subject with a minimum grade of 60% (may be taken through the Centre for Continuing Education’s High School Accelerated Program or the Casual Student Program at the University of Regina); or
    • A university course from another recognized university in a relevant admission subject with a minimum grade of 60%; or
    • A grade 12 course taken through a provincially or nationally recognized education system with a minimum grade of 65%; or
    • A grade 12 course taken by challenging a provincial departmental examination with a minimum grade of 65%; or
    • An Advanced Placement course with a minimum grade of 4; or
    • An SAT II subject exam with a minimum score in the 70th percentile.

English Language Proficiency
The language of instruction at the University of Regina is English. All applicants to the University of Regina must therefore demonstrate an appropriate level of proficiency in the English language, unless they are entering the Baccalaureate en education program, in which case they must meet the French language proficiency requirement. Find information on English language proficiency requirements here.

Application and Document Deadlines +

Application deadlines:
Early application deadline for fall term* - March 15
Fall term – August 15
Winter term – December 15
Spring/summer term – One week before the start of classes

Final official transcript deadlines:
Fall term deadline for early conditionally admitted students – August 1
Fall term – August 15
Winter term – January 1
Spring/summer term – May 1

Deadline for off-campus students** – last day to add courses without permission in all terms

* The early application deadline is the recommended deadline to ensure the best course selection options, in addition to the deadline for entrance awards

**Off-campus students are students taking courses through regional colleges or the First Nations University of Canada Prince Albert and Saskatoon campuses