Mature Student

What is a mature applicant?

The University of Regina welcomes adult students to study with us! Education is a lifelong journey and adult learners have their own unique challenges and experiences. As an adult student at the University of Regina, you will earn a quality education and receive individual attention to help you achieve academic success. We have plenty of evening, weekend, and online courses, as well as flexible program offerings and personalized support services. Whether you are just beginning a university career or returning after taking some time off, the University of Regina will help you accomplish your goals.

You may qualify for mature admission if you:

  • are a Canadian Citizen, Refugee, Protected Person, or Permanent Resident of Canada;
  • are 21 years of age before the start of the term to which you are applying;
  • did not complete high school, or cannot access your transcripts;
  • have attempted fewer than 15 credit hours of approved post-secondary courses if applying to the faculties of arts; education; la cité; media, art, and performance; or kinesiology & health studies; OR
  • have attempted fewer than 24 credit hours of approved post-secondary courses if applying to the faculties of science (through the Science Qualifying Program) or social work; and
  • can demonstrate the ability to succeed at university through life or work-related experiences

If the above statements do not apply to you, you would apply through a different application process :

  • If you completed high school and your transcripts are accessible, you will apply as a High School applicant.
  • If you completed at least 15 credit hours of approved post-secondary studies at another institution, you will apply as a University/College applicant.
  • If you previously completed some post-secondary work at the University of Regina, and would like to return, you will apply for Readmission/Faculty Transfer. Select "Current UofR Student" in the Application Guide.

Mature student application requirements:

  • Application for undergraduate admission
  • Application fee ($100.00)
  • Personal statement (download the fillable personal statement form (pdf)
  • High school transcript, if out of secondary school for less than five years (Final transcripts must be official and must be sent directly from the ministry or institution by mail to the Enrolment Services Office, 3737 Wascana Parkway, Regina, SK, S4S 0A2).
  • Faculty specific documents, if applicable
  • Proof of English language proficiency - there is a question regarding ELP on the personal statement.
When applying online, student should select:
Application Level: Undergraduate

Application Type: Mature or Teacher Education Application (if applying to the Faculty of Education)


Application deadlines:
Fall term – August 15
Winter term – December 15
Spring/summer term – One week before the start of classes

Final official transcript deadlines:
Fall term – August 15
Winter term – January 1
Spring/summer term – May 1

Deadline for off-campus students* – last day to add courses without permission in all terms

*Off-campus students are students taking courses through regional colleges or the First Nations University of Canada Prince Albert and Saskatoon campuses