Students studying in the newly renovated Wascana and Regina Rooms at the Dr. John Archer Library.
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2023 Donor Story

Giving Enhances Student Instruction, Revitalizes Classroom and Online Learning

Dale Storie, Associate Dean (Research), stands next to the plaque honouring Dr. Lawrence Wiser in the Dr. John Archer Library and Archives.Thanks to a generous $50,000 gift from the estate of Dr. Lawrence Wiser, the University of Regina has been able to revitalize infrastructure and update technology used to support student instruction and learning at the Dr. John Archer Library and Archives on campus.

“Dr. Wiser’s unrestricted gift allowed us to bring our instruction labs into the 2020s technologically, and respond to our students who now have an expectation and need to access instruction from wherever they are – on campus or remotely,” explained Brett Waytuck, Dean, University Library and Archives at the University of Regina. “Without the support of Dr. Wiser and his family, we would not have been able to make that happen.”

Dr. Wiser was passionate about Canadian and American politics and health care systems, Shakespeare, and education.

“Larry did some sessional lecturing with the pre-med students at the University of Regina,” said his brother Randy Wiser. “And, of course, he did much reading and research in the Archer Library.”

Wiser’s legacy gift will enhance faculty instruction and positively impact the student learning experience in the Regina and Wascana rooms on the main floor of the Archer Library. The two rooms are primarily used for library instruction, and as student learning and study spaces. As a result of Wiser’s legacy gift, all of the audio visual equipment has been upgraded to support hyflex instruction capability.

“Thanks to this investment in the Archer computer labs, we have the capacity to accommodate hyflex instruction with ease,” said Dale Storie, Associate Dean (Research).

The design of the space can flex according to student demand for in-person attendance, while still being able to support online synchronous delivery. The lab software is available remotely as well, meaning that the instructional experience is seamless whether a student is on-campus or online.
Dale Storie
Associate Dean, (Research)

Highlights of the new equipment include: ten new large televisions, a system to connect the instructor computer and monitors to all televisions, new instructor monitors, new web cameras, and more.

“This lab is one of the largest hyflex library computer labs in Western Canada, if not the largest,” added Storie.

The Archer Library is the busiest service point on campus, with close to 630,000 students and faculty utilizing its spaces each year. This is equivalent to the combined populations of Regina, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, and Swift Current.

“Our faculty and staff serve every student and faculty member on campus, and we could not provide enhanced spaces, services, and collections without the generosity and foresight of significant donors like Dr. Wiser,” said Waytuck. “Our acquisitions and operating budgets provide an amazing array of collections and services, but the campus community is always looking for innovation and expansion in all aspects of the University.”

“If Larry were to visit the library today he would be very touched at what his donation has done for future students,” said Wiser.