Education Building Winter

Faculty of Education Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Our Strategic Commitments

We are committed to socially transformative Education

  • Embrace innovative teaching methods and practices to prepare our students to excel as teachers and leaders in a globally diverse and changing world
  • Engage in pedagogies and practices to identify and overcome the root causes of inequity, injustice and unsustainability
  • Expand online program opportunities and other supports to serve the needs of rural and remote communities

We are committed to Truth and Reconciliation

  • Accept our responsibility to live out our obligations as identified in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s (TRC) Calls to Action, and Reclaiming Power and Place: The Final Report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Calls to Justice
  • Introduce and engage all students in Truth and Reconciliation teachings as a way to build a deeper understanding of our shared histories and contemporary relationships
  • Create a respectful, culturally relevant, and responsive learning environment to support Indigenous students, staff and faculty

We are committed to our faculty as a social collective

  • Develop and engage in a diversity of research and scholarly output that has local, national and global impact
  • Ensure that students, faculty and staff who identify as Indigenous, Black, LGBTQ2S+, persons with disabilities, or are otherwise minoritized or marginalized are provided with equitable opportunities for career progression and leadership roles
  • Develop concrete steps to reassess and recreate faculty structures and practices to make space for the continued Indigenization of the faculty

We are committed to community engagement

  • Develop and support meaningful relationships between the Faculty of Education and the diverse communities in Saskatchewan, with a specific focus to work with the sovereign First Nations and Métis/Michif Nation: Saskatchewan
  • Enhance opportunities to engage with alumni, sector partners -- particularly schools and school divisions -- and the community at large to exchange knowledge and learn from each other

We are committed to equity, diversity and inclusion

  • Ensure that the Faculty of Education, students, staff and faculty reflect our diverse society
  • Work collectively to identify and change the causes of inequitable systems of power and privilege
  • Protect Indigenous rights and the rights of minority groups
  • Review our structures, practices and policies to ensure the principles of equity and diversity are realized

We are committed to addressing the climate crisis and environmental emergency

  • Reduce our environmental impact by transforming our practices in ways that add to the equitable and sustainable future of the planet and contribute towards greater ecological justice
  • Beginning with Indigenous peoples, build relationships and engage with the local communities and groups to which we belong to reduce our environmental impact