Capstone Project

Project Day is a one day conference-style event that showcases the design projects of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science 4th year students.

Project Day is held in early April each year on the 1st floor of the Education building. The event consists of 5 concurrent presentation rooms where students present their projects to faculty, industry, family and the public. In addition to the presentation rooms there are trade show rooms and a poster display down the main corridor where attendees can speak with students to learn more about their projects.

Everyone welcome and we hope to see you there!

Project Day 2024

April 6, 2024

Industrial Systems Engineering

Group 1: Lathe Modification For Disc Machining

Kunal Desai, Deep Patel, and Sami Akbar


Group 2: Vibration Elimination in Potash Dryer-Cooler

Ali Anbagi, Layne Froehlich, and Oneil Dsouza


Group 3: Wheelabrator Abrasive Recycling & Collection System

Samarth Singh, Kale Mattern, Darlynton Ogotomo, and Yug Patel


Group 4: Assembly Tool Storage/Management System

Kaye Benlot and Itunu Durojaiye


Group 5: Storage Source Heat Pump Feasibility Study

Karen Montaron, Louise Galido, and Jon Cascagnette


Group 6: Waste Heat Recovery from a Cure Oven

Emmanuella Owusu, James Theuri, and Steve Githinji


Group 7: Automated Blank Separator and Sorter

Divyesh Kotadiya, Sonakkumar Patel, Umang Suthar, and Rushi Patel


Group 8: The Decarbonization of Kisik Towers: A Conceptual Case Study

Justin Gwilliam, Kyle Bachelu, Mathieu Perron, and Blake Ackerman


Group 9: Anti-ooze Valve System for Pellet-based, High-flow Extrusion 3D Printing

Teagen Biette, Daniel Slogoski, and Syed Danish Hasan


Group 10: Automated Saw Chip Collection System

Arbaz Asif, Yvan Nico Navarro, and Geric Paul Sikat


Group 11: 3D Printing of Lunar Regolith-based Structural Components

Kyza Kempa, Mohammad Hassan, and Seongpil Jang


Group 12: Snow Removal Air Blower

Ibrahim Javed and Omar Alsaady

Environmental Systems Engineering

Group 1: Design of an Earthen Manure Storage Facility for Swine Waste Treatment

Vedya Maharaj, Raj Patel, and Ali Safwan Khan


Group 2: Alternative Design to Traditional Septic Systems for Ochapowace Nation

Lanzer Ej Cruz, Trisha Mae S. Junco, Ruth Samara Mamani, and Marianne Manaois


Group 3: Slope Stability Analysis of Saskatoon Freeway Bridge

Aditya Deshmukh, Anand Marfatia, Mashiyat Moumee, and Sukhraj Brar


Group 4: Predicting Air Quality and PM 2.5 Levels from Western Canadian Wildfires Using AI

Jacob Stewart, Doug MacDonald, and Christian Anderson


Group 5: Moose Jaw River Weir Modernization and Fishway Integration near Burdick

Austin Daley, Rylan Neiszner, and Cole Weatherall


Group 6: Proposed Upgrade Alternatives and Facility Upgrades for Okanese Cree Nation Drinking Water Treatment Plant

Nada Hosni, Alora Eberle, Areeg Ahmed, and Caitlin Gillis

Electronic Systems Engineering

Group 1: Analog Circuit Reliability for Low Earth Orbit Space Applications

Karim Ait-Allaoua, Evan Campbell, and Matthew Hajewich


Group 2: Real-Time Road Monitoring System

Mubashir Hussain and Sarmad Alvi


Group 3: Power Wheelchair with Enhanced Safety Features and Automation

Bailey Armstrong, Mitchell Brough, and Emily Schwab


Group 4: SSKC Raceway Signal and Control System

Lucas Carbone Lepsch, Michael King, and Samuel Reddekop


Group 5: Automated Insect Trap Monitor

Angelo Walsh, Joshua Perez, and Jakob Clinton


Group 6: Yeti-Fist: The R/C Snow Plow

Mason Dyck, Vlad Kutsenko, and Davis Ward


Group 7: Spydersense: A Thermal Monitoring Hexapod Robot

Yash Gotherwal and Selamawit Temnewo


Group 8: LoraFireNet: A LoRa-WAN Based Wildfire Detection and Prediction System

Ashley Kanyatte and Salman Shuaib


Group 9: QuadraVision: Telemetric Reality Bot

Jay Patel and Savankumar Patel


Group 10: Tap-Changer Position Monitoring System

Justin Woloshin and Brennan Rotelick

Petroleum Systems Engineering

Group 1: Designing of a Machine Learning Model to Optimize Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment In the Viking Formation

Cody Murray and Hamza Ghelle

Group 2: Implementation of CO2-Polymer Flooding for Enhancing the Recovery of Lloydminster Heavy Oil Reservoir

Vrushabhkumar Kantibhai Shiroya and Yinbo Ma

Software Systems Engineering

Group 1: VisuSpeak

Archisha Bhattacharya, Brooklyn Coulson, and Jasmeet Singh


Group 2: Project Valence

Nicolas Ansell, Julian Gonzales, Michael Osachoff, and Cameron Wilson


Group 3: Intelligrain

Brandon Hillbom and Dillan Zurowski


Group 4: SecureMe

Kawthar Alkhateeb, Charles Samonte, and Kristina Langgard 


Group: 5 Safety Toolbox

Mackenzie Kot and Mikayla Peterson


Group 6: FurScan

Aryan Chandra, Mubarak Abiola Keshiro, and Hasaan Toor


Group 7: Freight Shield

Amandip Padda, Ramanpreet Singh, Mohammed Alharbi, and Alok Paranjape


Group 8: VisiLake: Self-Service Data Lake Exploration & Analysis on AWS

Daniil Aleshechkin, Benjamin Hajdukiewicz, and Adam Metz