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UR Giving

Ariana Doucet is an Environmental Systems Engineering student who is convocating in June 2023. Her final Capstone project titled "Value Added Product from Water Treatment Waste Streams" allowed her to work closely with the Buffalo Pound Water Treatment Corporation. She has also been given the opportunity to work for three full semesters in the coop program throughout her academic career. Ariana is an exceptional student and has excelled both academically and through extra-curricular during her time here as a student. She has been the recipient of many different University of Regina scholarships throughout her time here as a student that she is certainly deserving of.

“I am very grateful for the support that the University of Regina has provided to many students, including myself, in giving us the opportunity to apply and possibly receive scholarships from many generous benefactors. It is always an honor to receive a scholarship and have the support of the community as we work through our degrees. Scholarship funding can remove some of the financial burden and recognize the accomplishments of students. I’m very grateful to have been a recipient of some scholarships throughout my time at the UofR!”

- Ariana Doucet