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John and Tillie Mitchell Workshop

Shop rules

All shops are supervised at all times during posted hours of operation. Shop users must co-operate fully with the shop personnel and must follow their instructions at all times without exception. The shop personnel has the right to refuse a user’s work plan if they deem it unsafe. Users who are disruptive and refuse to follow instructions will be required to leave the shop.

All shop users must wear safety glasses, their feet must be fully covered, long hair must be tucked back with elastic bands or clips, and loose clothing may not be worn. Watches, bracelets, rings and dangling necklaces must be removed during machining operations.

Shop users must keep their work areas safe, clean and clutter free at all times. This includes never leaving a machine until it has stopped moving, ensuring that nothing is on the ground while working or after the work is finished, and limiting clutter and scraps.

Users are expected to report any near-misses or accident regardless how minor. Shop personnel can treat minor cuts or abrasions on-site. More severe injuries will be referred to Student Health Clinic. In case of serious life threatening emergencies, 911 will be called.


For health and safety concerns, or help with any safety resource, feel free to contact the Faculty Safety Coordinator.

Phone: 306-337-2620

Students using the new mitchell workshop

Eligibility and Orientation


The Student Shop and the 3D shop are open only to persons with appointments (including joint appointments) to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science and those who are actively registered in a graduate engineering degree programs supported by the operating budget of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

There is no eligibility for persons who do not meet the above requirements. These facilities have limited capacity which is regularly exceeded by internal demand from persons who are already eligible to use this space.

Eligibility is dependent on completion of orientations and training. Please contact to arrange in person orientation. Once completed students will be given a Mitchell’s Workshop script pad signed off by workshop personnel; Syied Mohammed or Chris Yung. The Main Engineering and Applied Science Office located on the fourth floor of the Education Building will then grant access to students’ fobs.

Orientations and Training

Before access to the shop, all users must first complete the faculty’s general safety orientation and online WHMIS training, both found on UR courses. The general safety orientation is valid for one year, and WHMIS is valid for 3 years. Both must be from the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science; certificates provided elsewhere cannot be accepted. If not enrolled, please contact the Faculty’s Safety Coordinator,

Student Makerspace Orientation

This consists of a 30 minute on-site orientation which includes distribution of the required agreement. Upon successful completion, eligible students will be granted access.

Orientation and hand and portable power tools safety manual is posted on the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science website with instructions for safe equipment use of tools in the student shop.

Resources for Student Design and Manufacturing

Electronics and Instrumentation Shop

The Electronics and Instrumentation shop located in the Education Building ED 117.1, is the Engineering Faculty’s primary shop. Electronics and Instrumentation can be a daunting and confusing task. It can often be a significant safety hazard.

The Shop is supervised by a Certified Applied Science Technologist who provides technical knowledge, expertise, service, support and consultation with respects to electronic and electro-mechanical and pressure vessels to support teaching and research activities undertaken by the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

Our goal is to provide the community with a friendly environment for students and researchers to ask questions and learn the safe application and integration of systems into both research and undergraduate labs.

Machine Shop

The Machine Shop located in Education Building ED 117.2, is the Engineering Faculty’s primary machine shop and supports course projects, student design, entrepreneurship, and graduate students.  The machine shop provides access to a variety of machine tools for metal and wood based projects.  The Shop is supervised by a machinist who is available for training on equipment and any technical questions.

  • Specialty services include laser cutting and electronics fabrication. 
  • A fully staffed machine shop with CNC capabilities is available to final year students for more complex projects where users are unable to complete the manufacturing themselves.

Our Service Line

  • Equipment Repair
  • Custom cabling
  • Instrumentation design and fabrication
  • Equipment purchasing / consultation
  • Swagelok fittings and high pressure tubing installation
  • Electronics theory consultation and technical advice
  • 3D printing
  • Safety consultation