University of Regina reconfirms 0% tuition increase for 2020-21 in response to Statistics Canada’s national tuition report

Other Release Date: September 21, 2020 1:00 a.m.

In response to information released by Statistics Canada today, which suggests tuition for postsecondary education in Saskatchewan has increased by 5.7% from Fall 2019 to Fall 2020, the University of Regina wishes to reconfirm that it has implemented no tuition increase during this time period and through to the end of the 2021 semester. 

Not only has the University of Regina implemented a 0% tuition increase, but it has also reduced a number of compulsory fees including Parking and Recreation & Athletic fees. Residence and meal plan fees were also kept at 2019-20 levels. 

As a point of clarification, Distance Education Fees (DEFs) have been applied to some online courses that required significant instructional development and design work. DEFs have always been applied to such courses, well before the University moved to primarily remote delivery. The fee applies to approximately 200 online class sections which constitutes less than 10% of the University’s total course offerings for the Fall term. 

While the University of Regina is aware of the methodology that Statistics Canada uses in establishing its national tuition report, any questions around how Stats Can arrived at a 5.7% increase in Saskatchewan should be directed to that organization. Again, their conclusion that tuition has increased in Saskatchewan is not applicable to the University of Regina. 


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