University of Regina sets sustainability agenda for the next five years

News Release Release Date: January 13, 2016 10:00 a.m.

The University of Regina launched today a five-year Strategic Plan for Sustainability that will set the course for the University to become a leader in environmental responsibility.

University of Regina President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Vianne Timmons says that with this plan the University has taken a bold step forward in its commitment to sustainability.  

“Our new plan for a more sustainable campus came together through the work of many people,” says Timmons. “It’s a bold plan that puts sustainability at the core of our teaching, research, and campus life, ensuring that we embrace emerging opportunities in sustainability and take into account the economic, cultural, social, and personal wellbeing of our campus community.”

The plan identifies five areas of focus – leadership, waste, energy, transportation, and communication and engagement. Included in the plan are actions people can take in these areas, such as expanding the University’s recycling programs and working with the City of Regina to improve transit service. 

“There is much that can be done with sustainability as a goal, but organizations need focus in order to be effective,” says Carol Reyda, University of Regina sustainability coordinator. “With this plan in place we are better positioned to concentrate our efforts and resources around the topics that the University community has identified as important.”

There is already much work being done in the area of sustainability at the University and Reyda says this plan will help the campus community become further motivated to engage in sustainable initiatives.

“Creating a sustainable organization needs visible commitment from the leadership team and then active engagement throughout the whole organization. This plan outlines what the community told us was important and has been endorsed by the University’s administration,” says Reyda. “Now it’s up to all of us – as administrators, teachers, researchers, learners, and staff – to incorporate sustainability into our day-to-day responsibilities.”

A team comprised of four members developed the plan, gathering input from more than 1,400 faculty, staff, students, alumni and members of the University community.

The University has already begun tracking its progress using the Sustainability Tracking Assessment and Rating System (STARS), which measures sustainability performance at colleges and universities. With an established baseline, the University of Regina will submit to STARS in 2018 and 2020 to assess their development as they implement various sustainability initiatives.

To read more about the 2015-2020 Sustainability Plan visit:

Sustainability, along with Indigenization, is one of the main pillars that support the University of Regina’s overall 2015-2020 Strategic Plan – peyak aski kikawinaw.


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