Government of Canada invests over $418,000 in research at the University of Regina

News Release Release Date: February 8, 2013 1:35 p.m.

The University of Regina is pleased to learn that the Government of Canada has announced that $418,500 will be coming to researchers at the University to support work aimed at improving carbon dioxide capture. The money will be coming by way of a Strategic Project Grant from Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).

Dr. Raphael Idem, Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science has been awarded funding over three years for the research of an energy efficient, amine-based catalyst-aided method for capturing carbon dioxide from fossil fuel-based industrial exhaust gases.

“Carbon dioxide capture is a major component used to address the environmental challenges of the coal, oil and gas industry,” said Dr. Idem. “This research will develop a breakthrough, game-changing, amine-based-aided technology that will dramatically reduce energy requirements so that technology implementation can be based on economics rather than environmental regulations.”

“We are fortunate to have talented researchers such as Dr. Idem as part of our University and to have NSERC funding recognize their important work,” said University of Regina Vice-President (Research) Dennis Fitzpatrick. “This applied research supports the use of coal in energy production. It addresses the needs of people in Saskatchewan and the impact reaches beyond our borders making a difference throughout the world.”

NSERC is a federal agency that helps make Canada a country of discoverers and innovators for all Canadians. The agency supports some 30,000 post-secondary students and postdoctoral fellows in their advanced studies. It promotes discovery by funding more than 12,000 professors every year and fosters innovation by encouraging more than 1,500 Canadian companies to participate and invest in post-secondary research projects.


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