University of Regina announces construction of new campus residence, daycare and underground parkade

News Release Release Date: April 11, 2013 2:30 p.m.

Today, the Government of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina announced a construction project that will result in a new student residence, childcare facility and underground parkade on campus.

The project, scheduled to begin this spring and be completed by Fall 2015, will be located east of the Language Institute. The new residence will provide an additional 605 on-campus beds, 90 new daycare spaces and 150 underground parking stalls.

The Government of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina are jointly funding the project. The Provincial Government has invested $11 million in the project – $10 million provided in the 2013-14 provincial budget for affordable housing, and $1 million, provided in 2012 for planning and design.

“Our government understands that a strong provincial economy is having an impact on the availability and affordability of student housing,” Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Housing Corporation June Draude said. “Supporting projects such as this is something that we strongly believe in. This $10 million is money well invested to improve the quality of life of post-secondary students from Saskatchewan and around the world as they pursue their educational dreams.”

“This new residence will add to the outstanding student housing facilities that are currently at the University of Regina,” says Advanced Education Minister Don Morgan. “This, along with student support programs such as the Saskatchewan Advantage Scholarship and the Graduate Retention Program, ensure that Saskatchewan is the best place to live, study, and work.”

“By continuing to fund this crucial project, the Government of Saskatchewan has made a strong statement about its support for students and their ability to access quality post-secondary education at the University of Regina,” says University of Regina President and Vice-Chancellor Vianne Timmons. “Lack of affordable housing and scarcity of reliable child care spaces can be significant barriers to education for students, particularly those with young families. This new facility will help our University, and our province, remove some of those barriers.”

Timmons notes that the new $73.7 million building will help the University attract more students from across the province and around the world, and help increase retention rates because students who live on campus are more likely to stay enrolled.

Construction will begin almost immediately since Pattison MGM, in partnership with Brian Saunders Architect, have finished the building’s design. The construction will be led by PCL Construction Management Inc.

Information and updates about construction of the new student residence, along with architectural drawings for the project, will be posted to the University’s website at


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