University receives results of Provincial Auditor’s audit

News Release Release Date: May 30, 2013 11:05 a.m.

The audit requested by the University of Regina has been completed by the Provincial Auditor and the related audit recommendations were presented to the University of Regina’s Board of Governors. The audit focused on the University’s structures and processes for protecting its interests as it fosters the undertaking and commercialization of research.

The audit examined the University’s governance processes, strategic plans, policies, and procedures related to research and provided 26 recommendations.

It concluded that “while the University of Regina had many structures and processes in place for protecting its interests as it fostered research and commercialization of research, these structures and processes could be improved”.  Recommendations for improvement focused on processes for oversight, updating policies and procedures, evaluating risks and benefits of research initiatives, and monitoring compliance.

“We are pleased to have received these recommendations,” said University of Regina President and Vice-Chancellor, Vianne Timmons, noting research remains essential to the core mission of the University.  “The recommendations will serve as a guide to enable us to strengthen our research enterprise.”

Timmons noted the implementation plan will require a number of initiatives, including a review of the structure of the University’s research centres, better education on policies and processes, and a complete review of its commercialization strategies. 

“Through the implementation of the Provincial Auditor’s recommendations, we will build a strong foundation for the ongoing support for our researchers, and the continued growth of our research enterprise,” Timmons said.  “We recognize the importance of accountability, particularly given that many of our research endeavours are funded through public monies, and commit to ensuring that effective policies are developed, implemented, and strengthened so that we can continue to be responsible stewards of these funds.”

Timmons noted the University of Regina’s goal is to enable research to thrive and grow through continued, stable investment. 

“We are fortunate to have accomplished researchers at this institution who will work with us to implement the recommendations made in this audit,” she said.

The Provincial Auditor will make the specific recommendations related to the audit available when her 2013 Report – Volume 1 is tabled with the Legislative Assembly in June 2013. 


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