University of Regina honours Dr. Jacqui Shumiatcher with annual President’s Community Award

News Release Release Date: November 23, 2016 11:00 a.m.

The University of Regina presents its annual President’s Community Award to Dr. Jacqui Shumiatcher, philanthropist and longtime supporter of the arts, on November 23, 2016.

“I am honoured to recognize Dr. Shumiatcher for her longstanding commitment to our provincial community and to the University of Regina,” says University President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Vianne Timmons. “I also would like to acknowledge and thank Jacqui’s late husband, Dr. Morris Shumiatcher. Together, they supported a variety of community and cultural initiatives and created a lasting legacy in our province.” 

The Shumiatchers are dedicated patrons of the arts who have supported a wide variety of community organizations including the Regina Symphony Orchestra, MacKenzie Art Gallery, Globe Theatre, Regina Little Theatre and Opera Saskatchewan. They each received the Saskatchewan Order of Merit, Morris receiving it in 1997 and Jacqui in 2001.

They also contributed to the University of Regina in many ways over the years by funding student scholarships, donating to fine arts programming, including a generous donation to create the Shu-Box Theatre.  In 2014, Jacqui supported the College Avenue Campus Renewal Project through a unique gift of more than 1,000 pieces of their personal art collection valued at approximately $3 million.

“I feel overwhelmed that you should want to honour me in this way. I have done the things that I’ve done because I enjoyed doing them, because I believed in the causes or because I had as much opportunity to learn from the experience, as I would contribute to it,” says Dr. Shumiatcher. “In my mind philanthropy exists on every level. It is something far greater than what large institutions have done or what I have done in my small way. It really is about random acts of kindness that people do every day. Philanthropy is all encompassing. It starts as a small thing that grows with each moment that you dedicate to it.”

The President’s Community Award was created in 2010 as a way to recognize those who have a strong history of working to better the lives of others in Saskatchewan. It celebrates individuals or organizations whose values, history of service to Saskatchewan and concern for our communities have made a lasting impact on the province.

Previous recipients include the Canadian Red Cross (Saskatchewan); long-serving community volunteer, Renu Kapoor; Member of Parliament, Ralph Goodale; former Mayor of Regina, Pat Fiacco; former Prince Albert Mayor Jim Scarrow; and the RCMP “Depot” Division.


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