Early Cognitive Development Lab looking for participants for study

Public Service Announcement Release Date: October 15, 2014 2:10 p.m.

The Early Cognitive Development Lab at the University of Regina is looking for participants who are preschool age to investigate how they learn about actions from other people.

The Early Cognitive Development Lab measures how well children are able to learn the about the new action in the presence of a familiar action. They compare this learning against participants who don't learn about one action the day before.

On day one, all participants come in and learn how to do a made-up action from an adult by imitating the adult's actions. On day two, the participants play another imitation game with the adult, where they see the action they learned about the day before mixed in with a brand new action they have never seen.

If you’d like your child to participate, please call Dr. Jeff Loucks at (306) 585-4396 or email earlycogdevlab@gmail.com.


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