Associate Vice-President's Message

Nelson Wagner - AVP

On behalf of everyone in Facilities Management, welcome to the University of Regina and thank you for visiting our site.

Our great University has a long and proud history of excellence in teaching, research, and community service.  It has two thriving campuses, one historic and the other contemporary and modern, that have risen above the bold prairie and evolved to become campuses in the park.  Facilities Management plays a fundamental role in sustaining the physical infrastructure of the University so that all who learn, work, play or visit either campus can do so safely and focus on their activities and pursuit of excellence.  We also have a role of planning for the future and enabling the University to prosper and meet its vision and aspiration to be one of Canada’s best comprehensive universities.  Our final major role is making sure the University campuses operate safely, effectively and efficiently in support of the diverse people, programs and activities that occur every day at the University of Regina.

As you delve more deeply into our website, you will see in more detail what guides our work, fuels our drive to excellence, how we are structured, and who to contact for assistance.  Whether you are here as a visitor from afar or are at the University every day and need information, we are here to help you. 

Enjoy your time at the University of Regina - we certainly do!

Nelson Wagner
Associate Vice-President (Facilities Management)