UR Programs

Walk A Long

A 24-hour free service that offers staff and students a safe walk to your car or anywhere on campus or the surrounding area. Call 306-585-4999 or press the Walk A Long button on-campus payphones (no coins required).

Lone Worker

The Lone Worker Service is provided by Campus Security to enhance your personal safety while working or studying alone.  The service is available to everyone in the University of Regina community 24 hours a day. Call us 306-585-4999

Verbal Judo

Campus Security offers Faculty and Staff departments the opportunity to participate in a Verbal Judo training program.  The program teaches us how to listen and speak more effectively, by engaging people through empathy and using proven strategies that allow us to successfully communicate our point of view and take the upper hand in most contacts, regardless of the kind of day people are having. Contact Scott.Crawley@uregina.ca for course opportunities.