Recycling and Waste Diversion

Update - March 11, 2016

Today, the UofR launched a new standardized refundable recycling program campus-wide. Throughout campus you will now see containers with the same appearance. This effort amalgamates the refundable recycling efforts of The University of Regina Students' Union, Food Services, Residence Services and Facilities Management. This will be the first part in our efforts to improve recycling and responsible waste diversion on campus. Together with the service provider, Crown Shred, funds will be raised for even more sustainable efforts campus-wide with a portion of the funds coming back to the University's sustainability program.

All materials recycled on campus


Location for dropoff

Unit in charge

cans, bottles marked blue bins (hallways) Facilities Management
latex, nitrile gloves custodial rooms Facilities Management
cardboard blue dumpsters (loading docks) Facilities Management
Copper, other metals call Facilities Management Facilities Management
Fluorescent Bulbs call Facilities Management Facilities Management
Kitchen grease biege bins (loading docks) Facilities Management
Clean Paper recycle bins (faculty offices) Facilities Management
Construction Waste call Facilities Management Facilities Management and Planning, Design, & Construction
Chemical Waste science Store Science Store, Human Resources
Batteries Green marked recycling bins (hallways) Science Faculty