2011 Campus Master Plan

A Campus Master Plan is a vision for the future development of a campus that ensures that the physical environment, both built and natural, serves the needs of the University community, enables the institution to realize it's goals, provides an effective place to work and study, and welcomes our neighbours and partners.

The Master Planning process is revisited approximately every five years and is led by Facilities Management, with Steering, Advisory and Working Committees driving the project. Professional urban planning consultants and substantial input from the community are also involved.

The 2011 Campus Master Plan was informed by: 2011 Campus Master Plan

  • The new University of Regina Strategic Plan
  • New enrolment projections
  • Space needs
  • Transportation and movement needs and opportunities
  • Characteristics and rhythm of campus life
  • Anticipated and potential new programs and partnerships
  • A renewed commitment to sustainability

Download the 2011 Campus Master Plan:

PART 1: Intro and Background (2.8 MB)PDF Document

PART 2: Rationale and Concept (15.5 MB) PDF Document

PART 3: Open Space (3.8 MB) PDF Document

PART 4: Built Form (1.9 MB) PDF Document

PART 5: Movement Framework (2.3 MB) PDF Document

PART 6: Implementation and Planning (1.1 MB) PDF Document

PART 7: College Avenue Campus (6.1 MB) PDF Document