Building Addresses and Street Names

Streets on campus will be renamed/named and civic addresses added to all buildings to reduce confusion when finding or providing directions to buildings. This will improve the ability of police, fire, emergency vehicles, couriers, taxis and all visitors to quickly and easily find specific buildings. All roads will be clearly named, including secondary roads and lay-bys, many of which are currently unnamed. As well, buildings such as Campion College are hidden from view and not visible from the main University Drive, while others, such as the Conservatory and Gallery Building, do not have a street address. This project will address these wayfinding issues while maintaining the University’s central postal mailing address.

While the 2015 Campus Wayfinding Study provided concepts and recommendations or proposed names, the final selection of street names will be completed in spring 2016 based on a committee review of names collected in the Residence naming contest.

Street name sign
Existing street name sign.


This is one of 6 projects costing a combined total of $935,000:

  • Traffic Sign Replacement

  • Highway Information Signage – Campus Perimeter

  • Building Addresses and Street Names

  • Renumbering Parking Lots

  • Directional Signage

  • Internal Wayfinding

Status (as of January 26, 2017)

  • Underway