Additional Directional Signage

This project involves:

  • replacing signage on existing concrete building monuments with new graphics; replacing the “metal blades” on the signs; including new building names (where applicable) and street addresses; and developing guidelines for who needs to be included on these signs;

  • replacing existing brown building identifiers with more visible and informative signs to address size, colour and positioning within the landscape;

  • replacing parking lot directional signs along the campus roadways with new signs that will also include special event options, eliminating the need for temporary “sandwich board” signs;

  • replacing and enhancing existing parking lot information and regulatory signs within lots;

  • adding directional wayfinding signs to aid pedestrian traffic within campus; and,

  • adding directional signage for bicycle parking locations.

Parking lot sign Sandwich board sign
Building monument sign Building Identifier sign

Some of the existing directional signs on campus.


This is one of 6 projects costing a combined total of $935,000:

  • Traffic Sign Replacement

  • Highway Information Signage – Campus Perimeter

  • Building Addresses and Street Names

  • Renumbering Parking Lots

  • Directional Signage

  • Internal Wayfinding

Status (as of January 26, 2017)

  • Underway; anticipated completion by February 28, 2017