North Gateway Improvement Project

The North Gateway Improvement Project will improve safety, lighting, visibility and signage at the north gateway to campus. The project emerged from the 2011 University Campus Master Plan with the intent to enhance the connection of the Main Campus to Wascana Parkway. The North Gateway project is being implemented as part of the 2015 Campus Wayfinding Study, which focuses on improvements needed to make it easier for people to find their way around campus through improved identification of the University’s roads and buildings and by unifying external and internal signage and information systems throughout both the Main and College Avenue Campuses. This will assist visitors in finding their way around campus and enhance safety by improving navigation for first responders.

The North Gateway sign will be a smaller version of the University’s South Gateway sign. Although somewhat modified in design it will be consistent in terms of the materials to provide easy identification for both pedestrians and passing vehicles. Other components of the overall North Gateway Improvement Project include:

  • a new gateway sign including LED solar powered lighting;

  • improved landscaping, including new trees in the area, will make the area more pedestrian friendly and enhance the attractiveness of the north entrance to the main campus;

  • Conceptual drawings of the North Gateway Improvement Project courtesy of P3A Architecture, Interior Design, Planning.

    additional lighting will improve security and safety for pedestrians traveling through the North Gateway area of campus at night;

  • concrete work in front of the new gateway sign to enhance pedestrian friendliness and usability; and,

  • design work for the project.


  • Structure and LED solar lighting for new gateway sign: $200,000

  • Landscaping: $32,000

  • Additional Lighting: $78,000

  • Concrete Work: $40,000

  • Design: $50,000

Status (as of January 26, 2017)

  • Completed